My day started rough. I gave in to my lessor self. I finished up my work and shifted the course of my entire day. Went back to the hotel to change and had my driver take me to the healing springs that my new friend Joceyln told me about. I had no idea it was a sacred day, the full moon, a day of ceremony in Bali. Maybe my spirit knew. The walk is far down a series of stairs. At certian levels there were places to pray and give offerings of flowers, crackers and bananas. By the time we got all the way down I was mesmerized with the smell, the colors, the flowers, the ceremony, the prayer. People stood in line inside the spring with their offering ready to stand under the waterfall in prayer and cleansing of bad spirits. I changed into my sarong and was guided to the water. Two bouncy babies played in front of me. Their grandmother laughed and talked to me in her own language. They showed me where to place my offering and told me to ask God for what I wanted and needed in my life. As i waited i wished i had come bare, wiped off my make up, removed my weave, left my jewelry. It felt like i should be naked in this place. When it was my turn to stand under the waterfall the pressure took my breath, none of the things I was worried about mattered, and then there was calm. I no longer struggled, I just stood under the water and I could breathe, deeply. It was so much water. I honestly was overwhelmed with emotions but did not cry. No one else was crying. I wanted to cry. The men showed me how to attach the flowers to my head. And I slowly left the spring. I felt drunk but really light. I watched a dreaded Balinese man pray. His locks were so long he wrapped them around his neck.He was beautiful to me. He watched me back and smiled at me with his mouth and his eyes. Then he prayed more. My guide put the blessings of rice on my forehead and neck. When it was time to leave I realized i had a mountain of stairs to climb. It was physically challenging to make it all the way to the top. The Balinese struggled too. They told me just go slow, stop and rest and keep going. I finally made it to the top and out of the forest. I felt different. I still feel different. I came back to my room, striped naked and laid down. That was really all I could do. I have been in bed since. I finally cried but not out of any sense of grief. Just as a release. Not sure i will even move to eat dinner. #Bali #sebatusprings #travelthoughts